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CHC Housing Districts

District 5

District Manager

Tamara Membreno can be reached at 519-254-1681 extension 3243,

The Property Clerk's can be reached at 519-254-1681, ext. 3104 and 3103.

Contact this district manager.

Income Review Clerk

The Income Review Clerk can be reached at 519-254-1681, ext. 2215

Community Relations Worker

Brad Toulouse 519-254-1681 ext. 3247 if you live in the following communities: Ouellette Manor, Riggs Manor and CHC Cottages.

Amanda Morgan 519-254-1681 x 2221 if you live in the following communities: Ash Grove Manor and Cherniak Manor

Patrica Cassady 519-254-1681 x 3248 if you live in our Campbell Cottages

District 5 Communities

Ouellette Manor, Cottages at George, Alice, Aubin, Memorial, Partington and Wyandotte, Ashgrove Manor, Cherniak Manor, Riggs Manor, Campbell Avenue Area.

Office Location

Ashgrove Manor
140 Bridge

Fax: 519-253-2486

Office Hours

Open Monday - Friday
9am – 12pm: Office Open
12pm - 1pm: Office Closed for lunch
4pm: Office closed.

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